SouthPark Character Updates:

SouthPark update 2/5/20

I started my Southpark avatar with a source image and began drawing my outline. I then setup my workspace for the avatar and set up another artboard for the drawing and the artboard. I got to this stage after laying out all of my source images and what colors I wanted to use.

Update 2/7/20

I finished the body outline with the legs, arms, feet/shoes and the torso area. I then went and started fixing my layering and set up my layers so I would not be confused later on.

Update 2/10/20

I finished tracing the face and created the shirt. I then created multiple mouths for later on in the process when I animate my avatar.

Update 2/12/20

I started coloring my avatar and looking at the avatar all connected. I finished creating the sweatshirt and logo, pants, and shoes and I started working on the hair.

Update 2/14/20

I started working on the hair and changing the texture of the hair to fit myself. I also finished the mouths of my avatar.

Update 2/19/20

I set up my character in character animator and started watching the videos on how to rig my character and lock it from moving all over the scene.

Update 2/21/20

I continued working on the videos and created a different hair strand texture for my character.

Update 2/25/20

I started aligning my mouths for the character and watched the video about triggers.

Update 2/27/20

I continued to watch the video about triggers and set my character to have more than one toggled body.

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