Soda Can

I took a drawing of my soda logo and turned it into 3D soda can design. I used the can preset on Photoshop as my base. I then opened up the label material and created my can using guidelines and placed each image or color overlay onto the canvas. I wanted a tropical feel to the drink so I used a picture of leaves and chose the soft light blend to create a texture in the soda can label. I also added mangoes as my central logo. To add the nutrition label and barcode I had to warp the images by stretching them. One thing I had to remember was that the label looks different when on the can. I had to continuously check to see if the label truly was how I wanted it to be. On the final parts where I added the background I kept the tropical theme and used the wooden plank as the table. After completing all of the components of the soda can I had to set the lighting up so that it would shine on the object but not completely wash it out.

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