Soda Can Homerun Root Beer

This soda can was to help teach the skills of using an active Photoshop file that is placed on a canvas. I started with a blank canvas and used a picture of raindrops and a color overlay to be the background of the image. Next, I created text that said Homerun and used the warp or round option to curve the words. after I used layering effects to create a bevel and glow around the text and repeated for all other text. After I moved them along guidelines that I set previously. After, I added the baseball logo and rotated the image. Once I was finished with each step I checked the soda can to see if I was satisfied with how each element looked. Once I finished I added the nutrition Label and barcode. I had to warp both images around the can and change the blending mode to multiply so that the white in the image would disappear.

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