Tattoo project


On the tattoo I used 3 images that where originally black and white, I added the images to the Taylor swift original picture which was the layer that remained unlocked for the entire project. I used the transform keyboard shortcut to resize the images in the areas that they were going to go on; I also used the warp tool to curve the images around the persons arm and shoulder/chest area. Once that was decided I used the multiply option on the right sized for each image to get rid of the background color and blend it into the skin. I then used the Gaussian Blue filter on each image to make the images less sharp and appeal more real. After I used the opacity percentage to give the tattoos a faded effect to make the tattoos look less black and more faded a real tattoo. After all of this I used the eraser tool on the soft brush setting to clean up the overlapping image on the clothing and part of the shoulder to make it look like it was under her dress and curved behind her shoulder.

For the second image I used two images: a rose and the word faith with elongated lettering. I dragged the two photos on the unlocked background in this case is Jude Demorest, from the TV show, Star. I used these two based on her character’s personality. For the faith tattoo I put it on her back because the word is in the shape of a cross and the rose on her arm. The faith image I made sure to use the Gaussian blur filter, transform keyboard shortcut and soft brush eraser tool in order to blend it into the shadow and under her curly hair. The rose was easier because it was in the highlighted focal point of the image. Both tattoos required extra careful warping to curve around her body to make them look real.

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